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10 Jun

beautyshelf mit April Gargiulo von Vintner’s Daughter

Eines der vielleicht gehyptesten Gesichtsöle aller Zeiten ist das Active Botanical Serum von Vintner’s Daughter. Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Schumer und Beauty-Queen Caroline Hirons sind Fans und Testimonials überschlagen sich mit Lobeshymnen à la „I’ve used the serum 2 times and I am blown away“. Leider hat der edle Tropfen mit etwa 200 Euro auch einen mehr als stolzen Preis. (Aber das sind natürlich nur Beauty-Peanuts für Gwyneth, die diese Summe mal eben so und völlig conscious zum Frühstück wegtrinkt, Stichwort „Moondust-Smoothie“.)

Doch was unterscheidet das Serum, das eigentlich ein Öl ist, von anderen Gesichtsölen und wie rechtfertigt sich der hohe Preis? Wer könnte das besser beantworten als die Gründerin selbst, April Gargiulo. In einem Skype-Interview beantwortet die 43jährige Kalifornierin alle Fragen zum Botanical Serum und gibt einen Einblick in ihre persönliche, sehr minimale Beauty-Routine. (Keine Sorge, ein ausführliches Review des Botanical Serums folgt natürlich in Kürze, versprochen!)



What was the inspiration behind the brand Vintner’s Daughter?

I grew up in a wine making family. We are trying to make some of the finest wines in the world. It takes years and years of commitment, dedication and very methodical practices. It’s not something you do overnight, it’s not something you do by taking shortcuts.
I was also someone who had struggled with my skin all my live and had tried everything. I started looking at the ingredients of my skincare products one day. Although the products were expensive, the ingredients were very cheap. The majority of the product was filler and many times that filler was toxic.
I felt like we deserved a product that was 100% active, that offered multi correctional performance, that was made from the very highest quality ingredients in the world and that was completely safe. That is how Vintners daughter was born. It was about creating a company and a skincare brand that was dedicated to produce uncompromisingly effective, high quality and safe skincare.


The oil is very expensive. How does it differ from other faceoils?

It is really all about our sourcing, our formulation and the way we formulate. I’d like to take the example of a tomato. You can think about a tomato that is destined to be in fast food chain hamburger and you can take a tomato that you buy at the very end of summer from a farmer’s market. Its organic, it’s beautiful and both of them are called tomato on the ingredient list. The reality is that their quality is extremely different. That is really what we do at Vintners daughter, we are focused on working with the very best growers who produce the very finest ingredients.

And then secondly, we are formulating with whole plants, we are not taking the short cut starting with powders or extracts. As you can Imagine, our formulation process is quite different. Most serums are created in hours, our active botanic serum takes weeks. This is much more time intensive and costly. The results speak for themselves. There is no way we could create that kind of activity without that step. It is kind of like the difference between ready to wear and haute couture.


What can Active Botanical Serum do for my skin?

Because of the way we formulate, we work with the most nutrient dense plants in the world. The serum is feeding the skin and makes the skin stronger, more resilient and healthier. So the skin can defend itself from inflammation like Acne Rosacea or hormonal imbalances. Anyone that has any kind of inflammatory or hormonal issues will love the serum.


What is your Skincare Routine?

Because Botinacal serum gives my skin so much nutrition, I’m very simple with the rest of the things. I don’t need to have 10 steps.

Evening Routine

First, I cleanse. Right now, I’m cleansing with a cleanser by NUORI. Then I put an essence on. The essence is sort of a secret formula that has been created for me, because there is no toner or essence on the market that has everything in it. After that I put Active Botanical Serum on.

Morning Routine

In the morning I just do water in my face. Then I put my essence on. After that I put Active Botanical Serum on and then I apply sunscreen on. Sometimes I use Colorsccience which is like a powder, sometimes I use Suntegrity.


What are your favorite Makeup Products?

I love Kjaer Weis Mascara. I just met Kirsten, the founder, the other day. She is really nice and makes beautiful products. And I like RMS. They do beautiful little palettes, super simple. That’s it.


Botox or Filler, yes or no?

I don’t want to feel any woman badly about doing anything like this, but it’s just not for me.


What is your best beauty advice?

I think fewer better products. I think sticking with products, not changing your routine every week or every month. With Active Botanical Serum we wanted to be the base for your skin. More simple program, better quality and stick with it. Have some consistency!


Ihr wollt den kostbaren Tropfen ausprobieren? In Deutschland kann man das Active Botanical Serum z.B. bei *Niche Beauty kaufen.

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